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Our Doctors



Our highly experienced team of specialists ensures in-depth diagnosis and treatment for the healthy life of patients.
Find the one that you are looking for from the below list or contact us.

Anesthesia Cardiac Unit
Dr. Rajendra Prasad, MD (Anesthesia) Dr. Arvind Kumar, MS, M.Ch (CTVS)
Dr. Basant Kr. Singh, MD (Anesthesia) Dr. Santosh Kr. Pandey, MS, M.Ch (CTVS)

Dr. Ram Sagar Ray, MD, DM (Cardiologist)

Dr. Kumar Himanshu, MD, DM (Cardiologist)

Dentistry Dietician
Dr. Uma Shankar MDS (Maxillo Facial Surgery) Mrs. Khusboo Kumari
Dr. Arpita Komal, MDS (Maxillo Facial Surgery)

Dr. Sonu Kr. Singh, MS (ENT) Dr. A. K. Bhardwaj, MS (EYE)

Dr. Sunil Kumar, MS (EYE)

Gen. Surgery Gynecology
Dr. G. C. Jha, MS, M.Ch, (General & Plastic Surgery) Dr. Archna Ray, MS (Gynae.)
Dr. S. S. Ray, MS, FIAS,(Laparoscopic Surgery) Dr. Anita Singh, DGO (Gynae.)
Dr. A. K. Jha, MS(General Surgeon) Dr. Shikha Singh, DGO (Gynae.)

Gastroenterology Medicine
Dr. Sujeet Kumar, MD( Gastro) Dr. Rajeev Kumar MD

Dr. Ravi Ranjan MD

Dr. Shashi Shekhar, MD

Neuro Physician Nephrology
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, DM (Neuro) Dr. Gopal Prasad, DM (Nephro)
Dr. Anwar Alam, DM( Neuro) Dr. R. A. Khan (Nephro)

Neuro Surgery Neuro Psychiatry
Dr. G. K. Sharan, MCH (Neuro) Dr. Vinay Kumar, MD (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Rohit Kumar, MCH (Neuro) Dr. Shakil Kr. Singh, MD (Psychiatrist)

Dr. Arunita Singh MD (Psychiatry)

Orthopedics Pathology
Dr. Ranjeet Kr. Singh, MS (Ortho) Dr. L. B. Prasad, MD (Pathology)
Dr. Ashwin Gaurav, MS (Ortho) Dr. Anupma Singh, MD (Micro Biology)
Dr. Arvind Kumar, MS (Ortho)
Dr. Sushil Kr. Singh, MS (Ortho)
Dr. Brajesh Singh, MS (Ortho)
Dr. Shadab Riyaz, DNB (Ortho)

Pediatrics Physiotherapy
Dr. Kaushalendra Kumar,MD (Paed) Rana Singh, MPT
Navin Kumar Shrivastava, MPT

Radiology Skin & VD

Dr. S. K. Pandey, DMRD Dr. K. C. Jaikar, MD
Dr. Saroj Kumar, DMRD
Dr. Ravindra Prasad, MD, DMRD


Dr. Shashi Dharan, MS (Urology)
Dr. Apurva Chaudhary MS (Urology)