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Oncology is a division of healthcare that deals with chemotherapeutic medication instead of surgery and radiation – for cancer patients.

The Oncology Department at Rajeshwar Hospital specialises in the study, treatment and management of cancer. It focuses on the early diagnosis of cancer while also assigning a stage depending on the disease. It also offers timely management of cancer through regular consultations, accurate diagnosis and treatment for all types of cancer with the help of the most advanced techniques. All treatment options are discussed and assessed with the patient with complete transparency. Some of the cancer types that the oncology department specialises in include lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach and intestinal cancer, lymphomas, cancer of the cervix, uterus and ovaries. The team is highly efficient and offers effective counselling to patients about their problems.

Highlights of the Department :-

1. Medical Oncology (including Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Endocrine Therapy)
2. Radiotherapy (with TrueBeam linear accelerator and CT Simulator)
3. Surgical Oncology
4. Radiology (Breast Cancer diagnostic imaging programme)
5. Reference Laboratory
6. Specialised Pharmacy
7. Supportive Care (Psychological Support, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Pain Clinic)

The centre not only treats the patient, but also helps the family to cope up with the disease by providing hope, comfort and assurance.