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General medicine is a speciality dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in adults. We have an expert team of physicians who are skilled in reaching a precise diagnosis with the help of the investigations and their clinical knowledge and experience. We adhere to the latest guidelines and treatment protocols to ensure round the clock care to our patients. There is abundant interdisciplinary collaboration so that the patient can be referred to a super-specialist as and when required for comprehensive management We provide 24 hours care to our in-patients and we are fully equipped with out-patients services.

Our general medicine team’s goal is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with thoughtful considerations of each patient’s need to foster wellness and healing.


The Dermatology Department of Rajeshwar Hospital provides the required consultation and treatment for healthy skin. Our variety of services are available to cure all kinds of skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, melanomas, etc. Our advanced dermatology therapies and aftercare ensure the speedy and scar-less recovery of the patient.

Also, we arrange frequent counselling sessions for our patients, the proficient approach of our Dermatologists makes sure the patient gets glowing healthy skin after treatment.