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Bio-Medical Technicians

Bio-Medical Technicians

Our Bio-medical technicians are responsible for keeping all biomedical equipment in good working order. Their duties include installing and maintaining biomedical equipment, preparing performance reports, and instructing personnel in the care and use of equipment.

Our Bio-medical Technician's Responsibilities include :

1. Performing routine maintenance checks on biomedical equipment through testing, calibrating, and troubleshooting.
2. Installing new biomedical equipment and adjusting the device according to medical specifications.
3. Training staff members to operate and care for equipment with physical demonstrations and educational presentations.
4. Repair faulty machinery routinely and tend to emergency repairs as needed.
5. Keeping a digital record of equipment repairs, faulty components, and recalibrated devices.
6. Ensuring that all equipment meets company safety and quality standards and complies with relevant laws.